Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer Fun..

This summer was a blast for our family. We started it off leisurely and just enjoyed not being in our school routine. By Father’s Day weekend we were running full blast and we didn’t stop until the 3rd week of August. (you can read more details of our summer fun in the following posts)

After we got back from Destin we continued a fast pace to close out the summer. Caleb went to Pre-Teen camp, we had vacation bible school and then we headed back to Greenville so that Caleb and Blake could go to RA camp with Vansickle. By this time it was the second week of August and I was trying to get our school schedule in order so that we could begin school in two weeks. Where did the summer go? I don't know, but I was looking forward to routine again!

Destin, Florida

WOW!! Destin, Florida was an amazing vacation…from the very beginning! Jerry surprised us in April with the news that he had booked us a vacation….7 days in a house w/ a pool in Destin, FL! He did it in such a creative, meaningful way that none of us will ever forget. Not only did our family go, but we also took the Fondren family with us as a way of saying “thanks” for their sacrifice of having us living in their backyard! Trust me…it is a sacrifice of all peace and quiet!
Anyhow, on our vacation we enjoyed the beach every morning before lunch and then we chilled out in our pool for the rest of the day. Scha and I prepared all of our meals before we came so that we wouldn’t be in the kitchen the whole time. We did pretty good…we didn’t eat out one meal the whole time. That alone made it feel like a vacation to me.

We spent a day in Panama City at Gulf World Marine Park where some of us swam with the dolphins, we touched stingrays, watch a dolphin show, saw sea lions, sharks and birds…oh, my! It was a great day. Jerry got to take each of the older boys on a fishing boat individuall for some Daddy time. Jerry has never really enjoyed fishing, but he loves doing it with his boys! Jerry also got to do some scuba diving with Bill.

Overall, it was truly a relaxing vacation that we will never forget and one we hope to get to do again!
You can go to my facebook page to view my Florida Vacation Album.

Happy 4th of July!!

Jerry flew back in from Beaumont late on Thursday evening so we could all be together to celebrate the 4th. Friday we wrapped up our week with Mee-Maw and Pee-Paw and then Saturday we spent time with Granny and Big Daddy. We looked through some old pictures and helped do some things around the house. Caleb and Blake got to crawl under their house to retrieve a cable. Granny told him about when she was a kid and had to retrieve potatoes from under her house. Blake thought that was interesting! The boys got to feed the ducks and look through Big Daddy’s “old” stuff in his Greenville room. Big Daddy gave Caleb some old Mexican coins and Blake some rock book ends. They were thrilled! It was a good day.

That evening, we headed to the Chreene’s for a 4th of July celebration with Leslie, the Eakins, and the Dawsons. Larry grilled and the kids played. It was low key and relaxing. Everyone left out before dark except us. Jerry and Larry went and bought some fireworks for the boys to shoot off. Now that was an adventure! Just imagine 8 boys and fireworks! It is a dangerous combo, but everyone lived through it...barely!

The next morning, we were off to Beaumont. It was hard to leave. I never guessed it would be so hard to come home and not get to spend time with all the people we wanted to see. We went 90 to nothing the whole time and still didn’t get to see all of our friends. I guess that is how it will be. I hated to leave the place where all our relationships are rooted.

Another exciting week with cousins

Little did I know that my mom had coordinated all of the cousins on my side to get together at her house for the week we returned from Camp Overstreet! So, off we went for another week with cousins…Jake, Emily, Garrett, Caleb, Blake, Ethan, Nate, Eli, Haley and Alyssa! All of the kids enjoyed swimming and playing video games. The older boys went fishing, hunting and on nature walks through the woods. The younger ones had fun just playing together outside, inside and everywhere in between. Pee-paw took them fishing and for rides on the Gator. Mee-maw swam with them, played board games and just visited with each of them to see what was going on in their worlds. Each night, we took those who could attend to Vacation Bible School at Vansickle. This allowed my boys to hook up with their friends.

Not only were the cousins there, but Grandma came for the week as well. Most of you know she has alheizmer. She has to have care 24/7. Mom and I took care of her and the 10 kids. Noone came up missing, nor was anyone injured. I considered it a great accomplishment! It has been a long time since I have been able to spend that much time with Grandma. We enjoyed her so much. Blake really has a way with her. He couldn’t pass her without hugging her or talking with her. I enjoyed my time with her. It wasn’t like spending time with your grandma, that has been gone for awhile. But it was time knowing her now, today. She is a hoot and I loved the adventures she took all of on during our time together. She is such a compassionate person with a lot of spunk! The kids kept her going and always put a smile on her face, unless they were really loud or arguing…then she was going to get her switch!

It was a fun filled, exhausting week!

Camp Overstreet

Camp Overstreet was a great idea and a huge success! Let me explain…Jerry’s sisters Shannon and Michelle, along with myself, got all 10 of the cousins together for an exciting week at Shannon’s house in Oklahoma for 6 days. We enrolled Caleb, Blake, Ethan, Claire, Addison and Zane into the Little River’s Junior Zookeepers Camp and Madeline into a Medical Camp. Alex was there for 2 days and then headed to a paint ball tournament. Every day after camp we let the kids swim, play card games and watch movies. It was great to see all of them together having fun and enjoying each other. We have decided that this will be an every year event. Time flies, all of our lives are busy, and we are miles apart; however, we are going to make a diligent effort to get the kids together for a time other than a holiday.

Once Camp Overstreet was over, we headed back to Greenville for a week. When we got back to Granny and Big Daddy’s, the boys enjoyed a game of croquet with Big Daddy. Eli and I enjoyed a visit with Granny. Then we all enjoyed a good night’s rest! We had a busy week ahead of us.

Father's Day Weekend

We were able to come to Greenville for Father’s Day weekend. It was refreshing to see family and friends. All of us have been missing “home” and it was great to be back. We spent Saturday with my dad and family. We had fun swimming and just hanging out. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. On Sunday we went to church at Vansickle and then spent the afternoon with Jerry’s family. It was a good time just catching up. It felt a little funny to not have our home to go to after the family fun. We have never been the “visitors” since we have always lived so close to our parents. It was a new experience for us, one I suppose we will have to get used to. Thankfully, Jerry and Sandy, Jerry’s parents, have an extra house set up for us when we come to Greenville.

Sunday evening, Jerry flew home and the boys and I headed to Oklahoma to Camp Overstreet!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

We are still alive!

Hey family and friends....boy do I have a lot to share. We having been traveling a lot over the past month. When I got home, our internet was down and still is. We hope to have it fixed soon. I am accessing it now by using the church's computer. I have been keeping journal entries in my computer and will be posting them soon. I have alot of pictures to share. Just wanted to update you all on why I haven't posted.